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What is a conversion van?

What exactly is a conversion van?

A conversion van is a normal passenger van that is customised with a number of extra features to refit the van for a new purpose. The changes are usually made by a third party manufacturer, who can make a number of changes to the vans structure, interior, design and facilities. A number of common conversions for vans include travel features to accommodate disabled passengers.

Are there any benefits to conversion vans?

A major benefit of owning a conversion van instead of a motor home is that whilst you make better use of space available to yourself by increasing a number of design elements, the exterior of your vehicle will stay the same size as a regular passenger van. This is a huge advantage for drivers who don’t hold a license for larger vehicles yet they still want the big vehicle experience. Some drivers need the extra space in their vehicle, yet they don’t like the idea of an oversized vehicle: this is where a conversion van is perfect.

Conversions vans have a number of benefits…

Just what can you add to a conversion van? There are a number of add-ons you can select for your personalised conversion van experience. Some vans have a customised roof that not only looks aesthetically amazing, but it allows gives the benefit of extra storage space as it increases the vertical capacity of the van. Common features of conversion fans are:

  • Entertainment systems
  • Seatings
  • Beds
  • Dining area
  • Speaker systems

Besides having a number of travel benefits, conversion vans can be designed to meet the requirements of disabled passengers and drivers. A number of changes can be made, all to aid the owner in their requirements. Electric lifts can be fitted also in order for disabled passengers to both easily enter and exit the vehicle.

A number of modifications can be added to your conversion van, whether it be a whole redesign of the vans interior or a simple change, the van can be redesigned to suit nearly all needs of its owners. Lighting, entertainment systems, beds, consoles, DVD players and other accessories can all be fitted.

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Why should you get a van conversion?

Van conversions: individualising your vehicle

In recent times, van conversions have become an ever popular option for old vehicles to be repurposed, fitting the needs of drivers all over the world. With the advancement of technology and the wider availability of parts, van conversions have become a lot easier to both achieve and perform, reducing the costs levels down so anybody can achieve their dream of a converted van! Have an old van that you want to do something with? Follow our blog to find out just what to do with it and make your dreams come true!

True flexibility of design

Having a van conversion will not only give you true flexibility of the design, but it will allow you to make the perfect van for you, filling all of the individual needs and specifications you may have. Here at VanFormers, we have a range of skilled workers who can undertake a large number of difficult tasks, so no requirement is too big or too difficult. We’ll be sure to implement a plan for the conversion before undertaking any work, as this will ensure ultimate success in the van conversion process. Without proper planning, there’s the hazard of making a considerable mistake that’ll waste time and materials.

Keeping costs at a low

In all walks of life, we need to look after our money because if we don’t, nobody else will! We understand that money can be a little tight, so that’s why we offer van conversions at affordable low prices. A number of decisions can be taken when it comes to the financial resources available to you, so a lower level of van conversion can be undertaken. With the right people, your van can be converted into anything you want it to be: whether you need a mobile office for work, photography purposes, somewhere to sleep; you name it, it can be done! It can even be turned into the perfect van for road trips if you require it!

A van conversion can actually be completed at a low cost, which all depends on the simplicity of the conversion and the extravagance that you want your van to possess. For example, a simple van conversion is going to cost less than an extravagant one! Remember that, depending on the country in which the transformation is completed, the van may need to be re-classified depending on the changes made.

Van conversions can be tailored for you

Not much of a DIY person? Van conversion companies can be found with the ease of the internet and VanFormers may be the perfect company for you! The conversions are now more affordable than ever before and you’d be surprised just how little it could be to make your dream a reality. Over time, the quality of conversion vans has improved, which allows for higher quality components and construction, meaning it’s the best time to get a conversion van suited for your needs. A number of things can be added to your van; computers, TVs, gaming consoles, living utilities and more are all options to be considered!

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