Interior Lining / Trimming

Interior LiningLining your van properly makes such a difference to the look, feel and driving experience of your van (far quieter). We also use sheets of 5x10 ply to give a seamless finish in the woodwork (i.e. no joined panels). We offer a complete Bespoke Insulation & Lining Service.

Interior LiningWhere your vehicle is fully ply lined and insulated, then finished with your choice of wall lining material. The package available is not like most other Lining Packages; All of the products we use have been tested to with stand daily wear and tear, temperature increase and decrease, future maintenance etc.

Interior LiningInsulating and lining your vehicle will not only keep the cold out but also keep the heat in. The lining process and all of our skills used to complete each package have been perfected over many years.
No other company can offer such a comprehensive lining package with this level of high quality finish, instantly giving all passengers a more luxurious, enjoyable and soundproofed experience.

Interior LiningAs the first stage of any conversion is to line and insulate the vehicle to create the base of a 'Day Van' or 'Camper', we have taken the time to develop and source some of Europe's finest materials' to use within our Packages.
Materials used in our packages include a combination of Birch Hardwood Ply, American trunk line material, Wurth Temperature tested contact adhesive, Altro Tansfloor fleece backed vinyl flooring and Genuine Alcantara.

Interior LiningWe are very specific on how our vehicles are lined. The products and processes are the same for both campers and kombis. We have sourced the very best lining material. We also use a 100% natural insulation and offer Alcantara headlining upgrades.

Van-Formers will take extreme care to strip your vehicle so it's bare and then clean and degrease the metalwork. The metalwork is lined first. We then do the panels and use retaining clips where possible to build the van back up. With our lining jobs we keep joins to a complete minimum and try and produce a seamless finish.

Interior Lining examples: Please visit our Gallery to view the latest images from Van-Formers.

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