Kombi Conversions

Kombi, from the German word: Kombinationskraftwagen (Combination Vehicle) – Van with side windows and removable rear seats, i.e. both a passenger and a cargo vehicle combined.

Typical Package: Starting from £2,500

1 x Kombi Quick Release Single/Double/Triple Bench supplied and fitted in VW Trim.
Van-Formers Full Lining Package: This Provides sound deadening, installation and boasts its Crib 5 product Rating.
Consists of: Solid Hardwood ply-lined, Insulated and carpeted sides, Hardwood ply flooring with Altro Industrial grade floor covering and Replacement Headline Panels.
2 x Fixed Window in Privacy Tint.

If you're looking to use your van for more than just work, then why not make it in to a Kombi?

Kombi vans make a great multipurpose vehicle. Whether it be camping, work or just pleasure.

These seats are quick release so can be removed or re-fitted in minutes. We can change your panel van into a Kombi van using genuine or aftermarket parts, fitting strengthening plates to the underside and seat belt attachment points. There are three different seating options to choose from:

  • Twin seat
  • Triple seat
  • Twin+1 seating

Each installation is photographed and a covering letter supplied to show the process we have carried out to your van is safe for insurance purposes.

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