Ply Lining

Ply lining provides a cost effective and essential way to protect your investment and increase the re-sale value of your vehicle, using modern CNC machines we are able to produce large or small quantities of ply lining to a high and consistent standard. Ply lining your vehicle helps prevent accidental dents from inside outwards from possible moving objects within your van.

Aluminium floor trims are fitted as standard and high quality sealants are used to seal and close any gaps and wheel arch covers.

To complement our product line we also supply and fit a wide array of commercial vehicle accessories such as, but not limited to, Roof Racks & Bars, Security Locks, Bulkheads, Towbars and Load Locks.

With the capacity and flexibility to handle not only large scale fleet jobs, but also smaller projects and single van kits, we aim to provide the perfect solution to your needs.


Our anti-slip flooring is manufactured from plywood that has been coated in a tough, non-slip material making the board more durable and longer lasting; it's also water resistant so it's easy to clean. This product is practical for the floor and wheel boxes in a van with either plywood or polyprop sides.

  • Designed to exactly fit the floor profile.
  • Performs highly against health and safety practises.
  • Provides a solid platform for storage systems, tools and equipment.
  • Fitted in under 30mins.
  • Designed to fully protect you cargo whilst in transit.

Head Lining

Head Lining usually comes hand in hand with the installation of ceiling lights. Wired to your vehicles main battery they provide essential lighting to the leisure space in your van. Our standard package includes 6 high powered LED spotlights. Carpeting colours can be chosen to match or complement the wall lining and insulation is applied behind the panelling.

Ply lining examples: Please visit our Gallery to view the latest images from Van-Formers.

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