Window Conversions

Installation of additional windows within your vehicle can be a costly investment. It therefore makes sense to ensure that you choose good quality products and experienced Installers. Poorly installed windows can leak air and water, and are unsafe when the vehicle is in use.

Here at Van-Formers the process for window installation has been developed to ensure you get good products fitted to high standards. All exposed metal work is treated to prevent any corrosion; the windows are then installed and profiled to the factory look that you require.

We can install windows to any panel of your van, from one window to six. We use high quality glass which can be tinted or non tinted, with the option to upgrade to the genuine manufacturers glass.

We install our glass using the correct bonding agent, and prime any raw metalwork after cutting along with a good quality rubber seal. Visit our Gallery for more images.

Window Conversions options:

OptionsPrice Starting From
Privacy Sliding Window£295 + VAT
Privacy Bonded Side Window£195 + VAT
Privacy Bonded Rear Quarter Window£205 + VAT
Privacy Bonded 'False' Rear Quarter Window£160 + VAT
Privacy Bonded Tailgate Window£305 + VAT
Privacy Bonded Barn Door Window (Each)£165 + VAT

Clear glass available on request.

Window Conversions examples: Please visit our Gallery to view the latest images from Van-Formers.

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